The Gardens Story

Just because we don’t have enough on our plate (excuse the pun!), we recently decided to embark on a journey to grow spray free food on our farm.

It’s been an amazing journey so far…In August 2020 we started to clear and prepare the area of land we wanted to use and started to grow seedlings in our nursery. Plots and Beds were then formed. November 2020 we had our first mini harvest of salad greens and radishes.


Our Gardens

Welcome Rock Gardens is a unique bio-intensive market garden located in Southland 45 minutes South of Queenstown. We are growers of spray free veggies and salads using natural growing methods and only hand powered tools.

Welcome Rock Gardens is a micro-farm using a bio intensive cropping system. Based on low-tech, high-yield methods of production it uses an area of land approximately 1/4 of an acre.

We are a sustainable small scale farm, using unique food systems to produce high quality produce to our local communities. Our methods focus around bio-intensive, spray free, human scale natural growing procedures to build soil structure and life.

We are caretakers of the land and want to improve its condition for the future and increase productivity in a healthy sustainable way. We wish to create a place and produce that other people can share and enjoy and ultimately benefit from in some way.

Want fresh, delicious, locally grown veggies delivered to your door? Try one of our veggie box deliveries.

BEFORE YOUR TRIP: Download either the Great Rides or Great Hikes App to your phone, select Welcome Rock Trails and start your tour!

COVID POLICY: We are happy to move your booking or refund you if your booking is affected by Covid restrictions.

WINTER: Riding is not permitted during winter. Walking to the Mud/Slate Huts can be arranged directly with us during winter.

THE TRAIL: The Trail is open for hikers & bikers from 1 October until 30 April.

RED SHED: Open & Available all year round, located near the homestead!

MUD HUT & SLATE HUT: Access these huts along the trail. Slate Hut is 2kms from trail head, Mud Hut is 10kms from trail head.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your journey!
Tom & Katie