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Finding the famous whiskey bottle at Welcome Rock

Legend has it that a whiskey bottle was always cached at Welcome Rock to aid those who were in need to keep warm in this cold and exposed spot. In keeping with history, we keep a bottle hidden in a secret spot, for modern day explorer’s to enjoy after a bike or hike on the Roaring Lion trail.

Some tips to help you find the Welcome Rock Whiskey:

Welcome Rock is the highest point of the trail (1,130m) it is an incredible view point after the steady half hour climb from the Ski Hut. Leave your bike and bag at the base of the rock and walk 20m to the parapet. There is a 360-degree view from the rock shelter of the surrounding mountains. Be sure to look for the whiskey bottle stashed nearby and have a wee dram – you will find it hidden somewhere in the Rock.

Welcome Rock is known as a meeting and trading point at the junction of three valleys, where weary explorer Clement Davis in 1886 tells of his visit 130 years ago.

‘It took me one hour and a half to the Welcome Rock, so called because of a small spring that issues from it. On either side the ranges rose above and below me. I arrived at the Rock and was forced to have a spell, but the lovely scenery well repaid me for my exertions. On my left hand was East and Centre Domes; to the South, I recognised several old friends of the Takitimu. Also West Dome showed its top whilst is base was enshrouded with a nasty vapour.

Turning westward I counted six district ranges towering skyward, one above the other, their bold rock peaks clearly defined against the blue sky, at the same time the setting sun adding to their beauty by bathing them in many different colours. Below in the valley of the Mataura, were many homesteads surrounded with golden grain. Everything was so peaceful and quiet that not a sound was to be heard’

Clement Davis 1886

Our daughter Lylla created her diorama about Welcome Rock showcasing the Slate Hut and the hidden whiskey bottle! When you visit Welcome Rock we hope you enjoy a wee dram and experience the wonder of the mountains, the rock, the valley below and soak up the amazing 360 degree views.

Sharing our place with you is our passion, enjoy your adventure.

BEFORE YOUR TRIP: Download either the Great Rides or Great Hikes App to your phone, select Welcome Rock Trails and start your tour!

COVID POLICY: We are happy to move your booking or refund you if your booking is affected by Covid restrictions.

WINTER: Riding is not permitted during winter. Walking to the Mud/Slate Huts can be arranged directly with us during winter.

THE TRAIL: The Trail is open for hikers & bikers from 1 October until 30 April.

RED SHED: Open & Available all year round, located near the homestead!

MUD HUT & SLATE HUT: Access these huts along the trail. Slate Hut is 2kms from trail head, Mud Hut is 10kms from trail head.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your journey!
Tom & Katie