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Our neighbour Lyn McNamee on The Revenant

Our neighbour Lyn McNamee lives on a farm next to ours in Garston. Lyn arrived in Garston (a village so small at the time it was not even on the map) in 1981 ready for a change from her city life in Auckland to teach for a couple of years at the Garston Primary School (the same school that Tom went to and now our daughters enjoy).

It was not the plan to stay and unexpectedly (just like myself) she found a Southland farmer who became her husband. Now a mother of four and 35 years after her arrival in Garston (which has now grown tremendously in size) Lyn writes stories.

Writing is Lyn’s passion, she discovers Southlanders and learns about their passions, telling their stories and sharing them with us all to enjoy.

A farmer, a teacher, a doting Grandma and now a writer Lyn loves the outdoors. She was on course for this year’s Revenant Ultra Adventure Run and has a wonderful story to tell about how the Revenant 2020 Challenge unfolded.

Thank you for writing about us Lyn and sharing our story.

Katie and Tom

Click through to Lyn’s Blog Page here to read about the Revenant 2020 and many other delights!

And a story Lyn wrote in 2018 about Welcome Rock … to read more click here!

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