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Soaking in a hot bath under millions of stars…

We love this review from one of our guests

Do you dream of sitting on the porch of your own little rustic hut at the top of a mountain and gazing across the valley over at the sun going down behind more mountains and the sky and everything around you turning a deep golden colour?

How about being able to sit in a hot bathtub under millions of stars? And then waking up to a golden sunrise and being able to heat up a hot cup of coffee and some oatmeal on the stove? This place was absolutely magical and I wouldn’t hesitate at all in staying here for a truly wonderful and deeply peace-filled and awe-filled stay! There’s a bit of a hike in (which in itself is incredible!) and the hut is rustic for sure, but that’s part of the charm and character of the place so as long as you are aware of this you’ll hopefully fall in love with it like I did, and never want to leave!

Written by one of our AirBnB guests in Feb 2020!

BEFORE YOUR TRIP: Download either the Great Rides or Great Hikes App to your phone, select Welcome Rock Trails and start your tour!

COVID POLICY: We are happy to move your booking or refund you if your booking is affected by Covid restrictions.

WINTER: Riding is not permitted during winter. Walking to the Mud/Slate Huts can be arranged directly with us during winter.

THE TRAIL: The Trail is open for hikers & bikers from 1 October until 30 April.

RED SHED: Open & Available all year round, located near the homestead!

MUD HUT & SLATE HUT: Access these huts along the trail. Slate Hut is 2kms from trail head, Mud Hut is 10kms from trail head.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your journey!
Tom & Katie