Explore a private, cross-country mountain bike & hiking trail with overnight accommodation in Southland, New Zealand

Hand Built Trail | Uncrowded | High Country Setting | Cross Country | Bikers & Hikers | History & Ecology

With over 27kms of trail to enjoy, this private, cross-country mountain trail with accommodation is perfect for those looking to get off the beaten track and away from the crowds. Located in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, our hiking trail near Queenstown is suitable for walkers, runners, mountain bikers and all types of adventure seekers.

There's something for everyone at Welcome Rock Trails. Prior payment and booking is required online before embarking on this journey.

Trail conditions may vary due to extremes of weather. In the event of heavy rain or snow fall please contact us for clarification of trail condition.


"Amazing spot in the middle of nowhere! Once in a life time experience! Don’t miss it!"

- Macerena

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